Trinity and Assistive Listening Specialists Ampetronic Agree Exciting New Partnership!

Trinity Fire & Security Systems are extremely proud to announce a new Partnership has been agreed with Ampetronic, a World leader in the manufacture of Assistive Listening systems.

Ampetronic, who were founded in 1987, have developed a full range of induction loop / hearing loop systems and associated technologies. As passionate advocates for technology based solutions Ampetronic’s products are now distributed on a worldwide basis.

Within the UK marketplace, one of the key challenges when installing a hearing loop system, is timing. Whilst businesses are frequently legally obliged to install Assistive Listening equipment they often don’t want to consider the potentially costly removal of suspended ceiling tiles or inconvenience of uplifting carpets, whereby ‘retro fit’ methodology is often seen as a harder solution to deliver. One potential way to minimise this problem is to programme the installation of the hearing loop system at the same time as traditional hard wired systems, including Fire Detection and Security systems.

The harmonisation and co-ordination of the multi discipline approach makes Fire and Security integrators, such as Trinity, a natural partner to hearing loop system specifiers and installers. By working together, with the ultimate goal of improving lives for those suffering from hearing loss, the progressive new partnership means Trinity and Ampetronic can manufacture, supply, install and maintain new Assistive Listening systems with minimal customer disruption.