Fire Safety Order – Are You Meeting Your Legal Requirements?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005  came into force in October 2006, that’s nearly 11 years ago! However many business still don’t fully understand if they are complying with this legislation, and more importantly these businesses may actually be putting their staff, property and businesses at risk!

If you own, manage or operate a business, you will need to comply with fire safety law.  The main law is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 or "the Fire Safety Order" which applies across England and Wales.

The ‘Responsible Person’ must nominate a competent Fire Risk Assessor, either from within their own organisation, or by employing a competent third party Fire Risk Assessor.

Regardless of who carries out the Fire Risk Assessment, the adequacy of the Fire Risk Assessment rests with the ‘Responsible Person’. The ‘Responsible Person’ must then ensure that the significant findings of the Fire Risk Assessment are implemented.

The Fire Industry Association (FIA), which is the largest fire protection trade association in the UK with 700+ members, have produced the following short video to help all parties gain a greater understanding of their legal requirements.

If, after watching the FIA video, you require any further assistance please don’t hesitate to call Trinity Fire & Security Systems.