A Fire’s Worst Enemy – The Trinity Fire Suppression Tool!

When a fire develops past the point that a portable extinguisher can cope, and where a fixed fire suppression system is not installed, Trinity’s Fire Suppression Tool (FST) can be effectively deployed by hand in a matter of seconds within an enclosed environment.

Simply activated by removing the safety device and pulling the electronic activator, the user has eight seconds to deploy the unit before it becomes active in order to nullify the fire condition.

The FST is effective across a wide variety of potential fire risks within establishments including Hotels & Leisure, Hospitals, Residential Care, Educational establishments, Plantrooms, Offices, Garages, Workshops and Stores to name but a few!

Via a chemical reaction, the FST is designed to reduce one of the three fundamental elements that a fire requires in order to develop……. heat. The Fire Suppression Tool has been designed to provide a rapid response in preventing a fire from taking hold and ultimately spreading, thus potentially safeguarding lives and irreparable damage to property.

Trinity are able to offer training workshops on the management and effective deployment of the FST, whilst providing ‘Peace of Mind’ that the clients FST’s are in the best of health via the provision of ongoing maintenance packages.

Trinity’s Fire Suppression Tool provides a cost effective solution for YOUR localised fire requirements!

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