The Project at a glance


Lorne Stewart plc

Greenwich, London

Ongoing Planned and Preventative Maintenance

Fire Detection & Alarm System
Aspirating Systems
Intruder Alarm Systems

Project Overview

Built in Scotland in 1869, the Cutty Sark, the worlds only surviving tea clipper, was designed to carry tea from China to England in the fastest time possible. The record-breaking ship travelled the globe and during its working lifetime visited every major world port. These days the clipper is located at Greenwich and has been raised three metres above ground level , allowing visitors to walk directly underneath and touch the original hull planks and iron framework.

Trinity Experience

In designing the bespoke and comprehensive fire and security systems, Trinity took into account the unique restrictions and technical difficulties involved with such a classic piece of British history. The complex fixed and wireless fire system infra-structure offers minimal aesthetic disruption whilst delivering maximum protection, and includes the use of air sampling units on board and in the glass atrium. The Intruder Alarm and CCTV systems allow the historic ship and its surrounds to be monitored, recorded and viewed from both the ship security room and the Greenwich Museum, providing the security staff with the tools they need to ensure the safe and secure running of this iconic landmark.